Profitability – The group seeks to make sure that shareholders are compensated adequately for their investment and seeks to do this by creating a highly efficient, well managed, flexible and responsive business. We seek to improve on our year on year profitability in order to provide a high return on investment to our shareholders.

Customer Care – we seek to establish a culture of customer focus in order to ensure that we achieve high levels of customer satisfaction and build loyalty to our brands and our company.

Market Leadership – we seek to establish ourselves as leaders in our field both within Kenya and in the Greater lakes region by virtue of our competitiveness, efficiency and sustained marketing efforts.

Commitment to employees- We realize that our employees are key to our success and we will demonstrate this commitment by promoting and rewarding based on achievement and creating a work environment that reflects our values.

Leadership Capability – We seek to develop business leaders at all levels who achieve sustained business results and who exemplify our business values and lead us to higher levels of growth.